Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Because the Lavatory is where your editor would put your work anyway

I'm Jenni B, and I'm your hostess, editrix, and moderator for what could be an exciting experiment in Paseño journalism. I've been a writer, columnist and shit-stirrer in El Paso since the tender age of nineteen and have found that there is a vacuum when it comes to insightful, critical writing in the city. There are many talented writers and artists here, who because of a lack of venue, find that their work is either sliced and diced, shelved indefinitely without pay, or lambasted. If you are a writer from El Chuco, you're well-spoken, you have something pertinent to write about, and you're not batshit crazy, I want to hear from you. Submit your work to my email address, and if I like it, I will happily publish. Right now, this is an experiment, and so there are no ad dollars behind it, so don't expect payment. Right now, this is a place to vent, a place to submit work that you've put love into that doesn't fit into your publication's editorial guidelines, and a place for conversation. If this works out well, and there is community interest, I will buy a domain, persue ad revinue, develop the site, and we can all benefit financially.

To the writers and the readers: I believe in the value of using expletives when other words fail, which is why I have included the adult content warning on this blog. I also encourage those of you who write about sex, feminism, and politics to submit your work, and I recognise that some pieces may not be appropriate for those under 18. We'll just have to see about that, right. So, here it goes, I'm pressing post, and let's see what happens.

-Jenni B

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Enrique said...

Jenni, I always looked forward to your newspapertree columns. I'll be checking your blog for your valuable insights on what is happening or not happening en el centro.