Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Medium is the Massage: Dirty limericks from our local advertisers

For ages I've been collecting photos and scans of local naughty advertising, questionable signage and hilarious double entendres for my own sick kicks and giggles. Today, folks I'd like to start sharing them with you. Let's start with the naughtiest business name this side of the Pink Taco (a restaurant in San Diego).

I'm friends with a performer who worked at Foxy's who could pick up quarters with her labia, but wow. Hauling a Chrysler takes some talent.

For the record, the layout is what I find offensive. Look at how cluttered that shit is. And what's with the desert fatigue "Kamel"? Is that supposed to appeal to the GI's just back from Iraq? I understand that local advertising has its own kitchy ouvre, but really...

CORRECTION: The Pink Taco is actually in Vegas. My bad.

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