Saturday, February 21, 2009

Word on the Street

I'm going to start periodically posting little tidbits of local chismé gleaned from the seeder corners of Chuco. These are rumors bearing multiple, independent sources. If anyone has heard any contradictory gossip or would like to add a detail, it will be duly noted.

Once again, a disclaimer: this is gossip. It will be written in blind item fashion. As with all chismé, it could be fabricated, or the product of someone's coked-up, delusional diarrhea of the mouth. In any case:

Which narco is rumored to have won the war that's been plaguing Juárez? The word is that the latest spat of violence is the cartel "cleaning-up" the random kidnappers and petty crooks who took advantage of the anarchy, as well as assassinating any and all cops still loyal to the opposition.

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