Monday, March 30, 2009

Because you know you're miserable...

Do you work in advertising? Do you hate your job with every last breath in your body? Would you rather eat dog shit than have to listen to another client say they "just don't get" your proposal? Have you developed a drug/alcohol problem because your CD is a moron who continually brings you last minute video projects that are due in five or six hours? Is your AD currently suing the City because his branding campaign not only incensed half of the city, but wasted over $200,000 tax payer dollars and so they rightly terminated their contract and shopped the work (and his slogan) out to the competition? "You have no idea"? Really? "Capitol of the Border"? Does that mean that we're capitol of violence, corruption, consumption, and Maquilla slave labor wages? Do you want to commit hari kari every time you see those Western Refining ads touting their environmental record because your involvement in that ad campaign assists that company in spewing dioxin into our air and directly onto the residents of the Ascaraté neighborhood? Are you the asshole with Glass Beach branding who can't sleep at night because you insulted every citizen in El Paso with your fucking racist branding presentation? Do you regret going to school for graphic design or video production only to work a shitty freelancing job that pays a fraction of a fraction of what the agency is charging their client?

Allow me to suggest a blogger who shares your deep disgust for the industry. Mark the Copyranter is a brilliant, bitter bastard, and I love his blog. Stroll through the archive and into a universe of stupidity, terrible taglines, and, occasional insightful dissection of the industry.

Full disclosure: Mark linked to my Medium is the Massage post from a couple weeks ago. He just loves shit like that, so if you have any eye popping local ads, send him tips.

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