Saturday, March 28, 2009

The cheap will inherit the earth

In response to this fucking ridiculous article in the New York Times which perfectly outlines how years of prosperity make people completely incapable of fending for themselves and putting anyone elses' suffering into perspective, I have started a food blog. It contains recipes designed to feed a family of six with leftovers for less than $20 for the entire meal. Some meals are less than $10, some are $5. When the economy has finally completely sunk into the gutter and these foodies are foraging for Splenda packets and stray Cheetos, I plan on starting a survivalist themed blog, because even then, I'm sure they will find time and money to hang out at a café and bitch. Topics will include hanging and gutting a deer, what kind of compound bow is best for use on Elk, using ergot fungus on your rye crop to your advantage, and how to weave your own feminine napkins.

PS: An actual quote, "[Kim's meal] shouted 'fiesta,' tugging us south of the border..." Tomato soup with cilantro is not "South of the Border", asshole. Pozolé is. Throw some fucking hominy and chile colorado in there, and then we'll talk. How the hell did carnitas and tomato soup cost you that much, lady? Were the swine nursed by Swedish wet nurses until their first birthday? Were they fed a strict diet of creamed niblets once they were weaned? Christ.

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