Friday, March 6, 2009

I think one of my synapses just exploded

My, my, my...look at what Walgreens stores across the country are now stocking. Somehow I don't see myself slipping one of these in my basket with a package of Pull Ups and a bottle of shampoo. Does this conform with Walgreen's brand image? No. Do I like the idea? Yes. Do I think the Walgreens across from my apartment will start stocking these? I doubt it. But then again, my Walgreens now stocks "Wet" brand lube- a brand once reserved for the classified section of gay porn magazines and cheap adult video stores. Come to think of it, Walgreens stocks many products which, if one were of a deviant persuasion, could be used during intercourse. Enema kits and rubber gloves come to mind. Wow. I wonder if they'll start stocking poppers in the incense/candle isle, too.

I'm assuming that they will carry these in the Pharmacy. Realistically- I just can't see people purchasing a dildo while an abuelita is standing behind them waiting to purchase her insulin needles, test strips, and blood pressure medication.

Via Fleshbot [WARNING: this link is NSFW]

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