Sunday, March 8, 2009

No Shit, Sherlock

I have a feeling that this will become another regular installment. Sigh.

You know, I've done a lot of stupid things in my life. We don't need to get into all of that, though the statute of limitations is well expired, but let's just say many of them involved Juárez.

Most people have known FOR DECADES that partying in Juárez involved a certain level of police interference. By that, I mean that a wise Paseño has always carried a little extra cash just in case the policia decide that you either a) look like a good mark, or b) are acting like a complete jackass.

I don't know if this dumbass just moved here or what, but in last month's Valentine's edition of What's Up, some guy found himself shocked, SHOCKED that after a night of partying in Juárez while a fucking WAR is going on, pobrécito, the cops shook him down for a bribe.


I absolutely do not condone that kind of behavior from any peace officer, but c'mon, dude. This has been going on for AGES. Don't act surprised. My husband has a story from 1992- that's 17 years ago- of being shook down by an officer after his idiot friend peed on the Bridge.

I have personally witnessed multiple shakedowns, myself included, for everything from taillights, to public intoxication, underage drinking, to just being white and partying in Juárez. I have not been to Juárez in more than a year because a) I do not have life insurance and b) I can't afford to have some cop hassle me.

If that was the state of things over ten years ago, one can imagine how bad it is now that there is a FUCKING DRUG WAR IN PROCESS, YOU MORON. You should not have been partying there, and you should thank God that the ONLY thing that happened was a traffic stop and shakedown. It is a police state down there right now. You could have had your car searched. You could have been found in possession of something that would have made your "courtesy fine" higher. Had you not had the money to bribe the officer, you could have spent the night in Cereso. Or you could have been shot at a nightclub in a drug fueled melée. Count your blessings, dumbass, and remember what hood you're in.

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