Tuesday, March 24, 2009


FIrst you erect that disgusting testament to Xenophobia- "the Border Wall", now you're spraying a neurotoxic herbicide to get rid of an invasive species of water plant to improve your line of sight? Are you people nuts???!!! Line of sight my ass! How about some fucking FORESIGHT?! Here is data from an environmental factsheet regarding imazapyr, which will be sprayed on tall river grasses along Laredo and Nuevo Laredo via prop plane.

"The active ingredient, imazapyr, is marketed in compounds by the trade names,
Chopper, Arsenal, and Assault. Imazapyr is a non-selective broad-spectrum
systemic herbicide, absorbed by the foliage & roots, with rapid transfer to the
xylem & phloem to the meristematic regions, where it accumulates and causes
disruption of protein synthesis. This leads to interference in DNA synthesis and
cell growth of the plants. The result of exposure is death of new leaves.1 It was
first registered in the United States in 1984.

"Toxicity to Humans: The primary route of potential harm would occur during the
application process. If contact occurs, imazapyr is irritating to the eyes and can
cause rashes, redness and swelling at the site of exposure. The amount of the
product needed to produce an acute effect is relatively large (LD50= >5000 mg/kg
& LC50= <100. Imazapyr is not a carcinogen and has no known reproductive

"Risks to the Environment:
Imazapyr by its nature does not distinguish between the plants it kills. Thus, rare
and endangered plants are particularly at risk from exposure to the herbicide.
The EPA has stated that “jeopardy” will occur to terrestrial and aquatic plant
species from the use of Arsenal.2
In soils, imazapyr is persistent. The EPA reports that the half-life of imazapyr is
17 months.3 If applied to soil, imazapyr is expected to have very high mobility
and thus is likely to contaminate water. Studies have detected imazapyr in
surface as well as groundwater. If released into water or if the chemical moves
through soils and finds its way to water, imazapyr is not expected to adsorb to
suspended solids and sediment based upon the adsorption coefficient. Studies
on the effects of imazapyr to macroinvertebrate communities did not yield
effects.4 This chemical is not expected to have impacts to salmon species.

"Breakdown Products
One primary breakdown product of Imazapyr is quinolinic acid which is irritating
to the eyes, respiratory system, and skin. It is also a neurotoxin and can cause
symptoms similar to those in Huntington’s chorea such as loss of coordination
and trembling."

Poisoning the water supply. THAT'S THE WAY TO GET THEM MEZCANS! Oh, you forgot that most South Texans/Northern Mexicans get their drinking water from the RIo Grande? You forgot about the wildlife, farms and PEOPLE who could be sickened by this herbicide with the trade name "ARSENAL"??? And what about down stream run off? Couldn't you just MOW THE FUCKING PLANTS? Fuck you. Fuck you very much.

Image Via NPT/Frontera Norte Sur

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