Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabaggers "are gonna need a Dick Armey"...

Let's see how many dick jokes one cable newsman can pepper into a story about a tea-tossing tempest against "tyranny". I counted 19, not including the banner reading "teabagging mouthpieces" or the two tea bags in the cup on the green screen.

And he is absolutely right. It is taxation with representation. While I completely support these people's right to assemble, I do take issue with their failed metaphor, and their logic, especially considering the Bush Admin. and their spend now ask questions later policies. This is what happens when History and Civics aren't emphasized in the public schools. There's only 250 years of US History to go through, people. It's not like this is Britain, Scandinavia, or the Mid East. How embarrassing.

Video via Cajun Boy in the City