Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Mayoral Recall in Pieces: Prologue

I spent two months writing this from February to April of this year for The Awl, but due to it's sheer size, I believe the editor lost interest.  It sat on his desk for over 8 weeks, so, kids, I'm going ahead with it myself, before it loses all relevance. 

Tomorrow, I'll be publishing the Legal Analysis and Extro.

Happy Primary Day!

For those of you working for political campaigns, all photos and text are Copyright © 2012 Jennifer Burton. All Rights Reserved.

That means you must ASK PERMISSION BEFORE APPROPRIATING IT FOR YOUR RESPECTIVE CAMPAIGNS.  That includes poorly Photoshopped memes smearing your opponent (*cough*BillionairesforBeto*cough*).  Go ahead and quote if you want to.  That's fair use, but jacking my photos without asking is not cool. Toodles.

As it was intended:
1) Because All Politics is Local
2) Timeline
3) Intro to the Uninitiated
4) Profile:Steve
5) Susie
6) Beto
7) Mayor Cook
8) Theresa Caballero
9) Tom Brown
10) Deus Ex Machina
11) Send in the Lawyers
12) In Closing, TL;DR


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